Use Abakas services when you need them.
Don't pay for engineering when you don't.

Abakas's rapid development and emphasis on frequent deliveries keeps you in touch throughout the development process. Located in Boston, Abakas will come to your office to work with you face-to-face as needed. Idea on a napkin or whiteboard? We can go through it with you on the whiteboard (or the napkin). Never go more than a week or two without seeing your idea in progress. Need to make a change? No problem. Seeing your product in action and using it can make you change your mind. We get it. We'll help you move your workflow around, or clean up that section that isn't quite right. Abakas isn't tied to a spec; we're more interested in making your product right, even if what you thought was right has changed a little bit.

Tech Management

Sometimes a great team needs some guidance. Whether it's a business needing to build a technical staff, a development team that needs some growth and guidance, or simply a face to represent the company on a technical level, you need a technical leader. Raising a round of funding? Hiring a team? Evaluating contract engineering organizations? Seeking to sell or partner? You need a CTO. You just don't need one full time on staff. Abakas provides technical management services on an interim or part-time basis.

Process Consulting

It's one thing to read about agile practices or other software development practices. It's another to work with someone who can actually do it. Abakas provides process consulting free from buzzwords and dogma, and gets to the heart of what works and what doesn't in the real world. Whether it's a new process just getting implemented, or an existing process that needs some assistance, Abakas will come in on the ground with your development, test, business, and management teams to get it right for your organization.

Architecture Review

Abakas has built systems from consumer applications to multi-million transaction per hour healthcare systems, and can apply that expertise to your architecture. Have an inherited code base that needs evaluation? Bring Abakas in for an unbiased view on what's working and what's not. There is no one perfect architecture, but there is an architecture that's right for where you are and where you are going. Every architecture has tradeoffs, and Abakas provides a nuanced view of the strengths and weaknesses of the system design, considering performance, scalability, maintainability, testability, and flexibility for your future needs. We also provide guidance for getting your system from its current state to a workable state for today and tomorrow while continuing to meet your needs and deadlines.

Infrastructure Cleanup

Build getting awfully long? Got configuration difficulties? Can't move cleanly from dev to test to production? Sounds like you need a cleanup crew. Abakas can streamline your build and deployment strategy, and show you how to maintain it using the right tools and techniques for your platform. No matter how many languages and how many platforms you're currently using, Abakas will provide the tools, automation and training to ensure your entire platform is built cleanly, tested, deployed correctly, and monitored, every time.